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WIRC GmbH offers you extensive experience in the fields of recruitment and project management. Please find below a detailed description of our service offering, methodology and approach.



Competent Partner for Recruiting - Direct Search


In recruiting, we are experts in the trustworthy and personalised placement of experts and management resources.

Based on 30 years of experience, working for large corporations and medium-sized enterprises, we focus in our placements on the areas of consumer goods, retail, consulting and on the functional areas sales, marketing and supply chain management.

That is why we are quick to make reliable conclusions regarding the competence and personality of potential candidates.


Executive Search – Direct Search (Head Hunting)


Social Networks only seem to facilitate the search and filtering of potential candidates. To identify the best fitting Top Candidates, it is necessary to address them in a personalized manner, to conduct a focused interview and above all the subject matter expertise of the Search Consultant


The classical Direct Search therefore will remain of crucial importance to identify the best fitting candidates and subsequent successful placement


Our 8 Steps for a successful recruiting Project


1. Briefing: Precise definition of the job requirements and individual counseling

Together with our customer we will develop a precise search profile for of the adequate candidate. The basis for this is a detailed briefing, preferably this also includes people from the affected functional area. Upon availability, we will make a first match with existing profiles to eventually prioritize the requirements or to define bandwidths for certain criteria



2. Target company list and candidate Database

First we establish a list of target companies, depending on the specific industry, the search profile and regional aspects, this list can be made up of between 40 and 100 companies approximately. This list is then verified with our customer.


Second, we search our database, containing profiles of many Top candidates and it is updated regularly. This enables us to enrich our search with preliminary estimations about experience, salary packages and other important criteria.


We conduct all market analysis and the Direct Search with our own Research Staff. In this way, we can guarantee there will be no loss of time and information due to subcontracting to consultants or researchers.



3. Adequate pre-selection

The formal examination of CV and testimonials to check if the desired profile requirements are fulfilled is not sufficient to identify the Top Candidates. Additional subject matter expertise is needed for this.



4. Personal Interviews

After the pre-selection we conduct personal interviews with all our candidates.


Based on our longstanding experience in the fields of Supply Chain Management, Sales and Marketing, we are very quick in making reliable assertions on the competence and personality of potential candidates. With this second pre-selection, we can ensure that we will be able to present you well suited candidates, from a personality perspective as well as knowledge and experience



5. Candidate recommendation

We will only present you candidates that we have interviewed in person. Doing this we can assure that the candidates have a high level of fit with the position to be filled



6. Presentation of Top Candidates

If desired by our customers, we are glad to assist with the first round of interviews of the proposed candidates at site. In addition to the original application documents you will always receive a comprehensive dossier of the candidate covering his personality traits and skills



7. Regular Project status reporting

Depending on the customers’ request, we establish weekly or biweekly Reports on the actual project status (how many firms we have contacted, number of candidates, CV´s received, rejections, etc.). With this our customers are always well informed about the progress of the project. This creates transparency and trust.


And trust is the basis for successful cooperation !



8. Follow up

We also stay in contact after the chosen Candidate has signed his new employment contract. This is important for us to ensure an enduring success. Upon request we can offer complementary Trainings and Coaching to facilitatte the integration or to strenghten critical capabilities.


Only an enduring relation based on integrity with our customers and candidates can guarantee lasting success for all



Competent Partner for Project Management


In management consulting we provide you with competent support in project management of complex consulting and IT-projects.


Project Management – Trusted Advisor


Management consulting and IT – Projects are not always concluded successfully. Especially large projects are often subject to failure. These aborted projects result in significant financial losses for the company involved.


What are the main reasons?

  1. The human factor, including the responsible people for the project as well as
  2. for Software implementation projects, additionally the coordination and cooperation between Service provider and the internal IT department


In such situations, a very experienced Project Leader / Trusted Advisor can offer an unbiased view and transparent communication about goals, approach and status of the Project and through this can mediate to bring the project to a successful end.


Through our long-term experience with a large variety of projects (from Strategy to large SAP implementations) and consequently the highly diverse aspects of consulting projects, we can assure you a uniquely differentiated view and through this sustainably increase the chance of success.


Speak to us, we will find a solution to your problem !


If you need recruitment or consultancy for your company, please contact us via e-mail hwind@wirc.eu or by phone +49 172 6372391 . We are happy to hear from them. 


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